Bumble Bees Behind the House Siding

crimsonrosesMarch 18, 2006


I moved late last summer. On the corner of the house by the back door is a gap in the siding. I noticed bumble bees flying in and out, in addition to wasps.

I am wondering what to do. I guess the goal is basically to be able to seal up the gap, but not kill the bees, since they are not agressive. Though the wasps can be. They scare me. I don't know what to do.

Are the insects currently hibernating behind the siding, or can I seal the gap up before it warms up without the hive dying slowly inside?


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Now is the time to do it, There may be a dormant queen in there but no workers or brood to contend with. I would spray the cavity lightly with malathion and patch the hole.
I only wish that everyone cared half as much as you. If you need any more information, contact me

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