Mail order shipping bamboo?

srolle1(5b-7 depending on who you ask)August 11, 2007

I recently tried another bamboo supplier based on a good review from a fellow GW poster. The order was placed on a monday or tuesday with assurances that they would ship out the following monday. once friday came and nothing showed, i called the supplier and they told me that it shipped out late wednesday. by ups ground i am 4 days away. that means that if they ship on monday it will be here no later than friday. with current temps being triple digits and low to no humidity, time is of the essence. the supplier said the package is scheduled to be here tuesday, which means i will be at work when it arrives. and my climate will certainly dessicate the foliage in record time. may questions are:

1. have you ever heard of a plant mail order service shipping out on anything other than a monday or a tuesday?

2. the plants will be stressed and likely lose much of its top growth. will they have time to recover before the cold temps arrive (usually late september)?

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kudzu9(Zone 8a - PNW)

I understand your concern...but maybe the worst won't happen. Why not wait until it arrives and then we can discuss the true condition of the plant rather than speculate? Just my 2 cents.

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srolle1(5b-7 depending on who you ask)

I hope the worst doesn't happen and i won't speculate any further about that. what isn't speculation is the fact that the grower chose to extend my transit time without consulting me. no matter how well a plant is packaged it is hard to make the argument that it would be better off boxed on a hot delivery truck than sitting in the shade where it can be misted/watered.

i'll let you know their condition when they arrive but from my point of view this seems to be bad business.

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kudzu9(Zone 8a - PNW)

I agree. But plan for the worst and hope for the best. Please check back in when it arrives. Good luck.

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srolle1(5b-7 depending on who you ask)

well it came in yesterday. instead of being dry it was a little too wet. some of the leaves have yellowed, became limp and are now falling off. the 2 gallon rubromarginata had split the pot in multiple places, was root bound and growing small shoots from exposed rhizome, some of which were covered in green mold. due to the time of season i chose to cut some of the root and rhizome and put it in the ground. i'll likely divide it later this fall but maybe not. my 3 gallon harbin inversa was becoming rootbound with 5 rhizomes wrapped tightly around the rootball several times. i unwrapped them, extended them in ideal direction and covered with soil. the other 2 gallon, aureosulcata aureocaulis looked sickly. it too appeared to be too wet for too long. all three plants cam in an 16"(w) x 16"(H) x 12"(d)box that had no ventilation. in addition they were sealed inside a plastic garbage bag within the box. i'm not sure how they fit it all in but they did.

long story short. i'm sticking with my previous bamboo source.

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