idabean's third season check in

mrtulinMarch 6, 2010

Hi everyone,

For the first time I had a hive make it through the winter. I figured this would be my last season if both colonies died this winter. But one seems to have come through strong. Last summer was tough for a lot of people in New England.Extended chill, long rains and in my one hive that got started late virtually no honey production. These poor critter hardly had a chance in the first, early low teens temps. When I confirmed the hive was dead a few weeks ago, there was no honey on any of the frames.

How long do I keep feeding the winter solution of 2 sugar to 1 water? I'll look it up, but I don't remember if there is a spring strenght solution.

What are most important things to do to ensure the health and productivity of my surviving hive?


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Hi Marie, I'm glad to hear that. I can see some bees flying today, but I know I've lost hives this winter. You don't really want to feed syrup in the winter. You can give them fondant or staight sugar as an emergency measure. You can find a variety of fondant recipies on beesource if you do a search.

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

Good for you Marie!
I have wintered 10 and all seem to do fine.
At this time of year you can feed them 1:1 to stimulate brood production.
I don't, because they have enough honey.
Perhaps you can give them some pollen patty if bees are allot home
bound and can't collect pollen.
Here in our sunny Alberta it seems, no shortage of flying time and
bees can collect whatever they need, have tried in the beginning with pollen patty
but they don't eat it, have stopped giving them for several years now.
I have more colonies come into spring....from swarm catch, 6 total,
more then I can handle, I'm selling 6 in a few weeks, then I'm down
to my normal 3 or 4.


Here is a link that might be useful: Show & Tell your Hive..

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