Black Boo in Central Florida...

jetstream(Z9b)August 24, 2006

There was another thread mentioning black boo in CF, so I thought I'd pick it up here...

Deb...I'm assuming your boo is Bambusa lako...a clumping tropical black boo. I'm not sure how big it was when it was planted, but it's going to take several years of growing to get 2 inch culms. Just make sure it gets watered regularly...2 to 3 times a week if you don't get an inch of rain like you probably did today. Mulch it heavily...several inches and fertilize it on a regular basis...every other month in the warm growing season and skip a month in the winter. Use a decent quality high nitrogen lawn fert...with lots of minors. Lesco at the depot is a good brand. Use compost under the mulch if you have that too. isn't like youv've planted a "black and the beanstalk" kind of plant and you're going to wake up in the middle of a boo forest. It takes time and patience...keep it happy and you'll be rewarded...Z

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