Bamboo suggestions for small strip

rick.dAugust 5, 2009

I live in a residential neighborhood near Sacramento.

I have a new retaining wall built from cement block that has been filled with concrete and rebar. The wall is 3' high and about 25' long.

The wall was built at grade level and sits 18" from my fence. My neighbor (on the other side of the fence) has a retaining wall of the same height that was built from large concrete wall blocks (16"x10"x8"). His wall is also about 18" from the fence.

The fence is old and about to fall down. We will replace it in a few months. When we replace the fence we will fill the space between the walls with soil creating a 25' long x 3' tall planter.

I would love to plant some bamboo here and the neighbor is open to the idea.

I would like something that we could maintain at 15 to 20 feet tall. I prefer more tropical looking plants (we have 8 queen palms and a 40' high mexican palm) so something with big tropical looking leaves would be great.

Any ideas are welcome as well as warnings and things to avoid.


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fredgpops(z9 N/ CA)

Running bamboo roots can go down 2 1/2 ft so depth of the retaining wall is important. To be on the safeside, Go for a clumper. A good looking plant that meets your needs is Bambusa multiplex Alphonse Karr. Check with Maddog Bamboo in Rocklin. There is also a good Bamboo Nursery in Davis but the name escapes me. Rgds Fred , Scotts Valley, Ca

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If both of us plant bamboo on each side of the fence, will it eventually destroy the fence? Or will the bamboo just grown 'around' it?

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i searched maddog bamboo in Rocklin and no nursery. i found mad man bamboo in rocklin, ca. i googled "bamboo rocklin" and found it. fredgpops, is that what you meant?


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