New Shoots! P.Nuda

sirhidesingrassAugust 8, 2010

So at the beginning of the summer I had ordered some P.nuda. I have been watering it keeping the ground moist and lightly fertilized all summer and the plant filled out but stopped growing new shoots on the main plant. I left for a friends wedding for almost a full week to come home to find two new shoots about a foot or so away from the main, and about 2 feet tall and looking GREAT! I'm going to post pics as soon as I charge the camera. Also i picked up a venus fly trap today, pretty excited to try my hand with those. Always found them interesting but killed my last one when I was younger =P.

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kudzu9(Zone 8a - PNW)


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Here are some pictures of the p nuda now

small whip shoots

large whip

large again

The large shoot my gf didnt get a good pic of but its aboue 3 feet in length now. looking good! Hoping the root system is strong enough and ready for a michigan winter.

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My Nuda got partially leaf burned at 4F so I don't think a plant that small is ready for a Michigan winter which I believe is zone 5. I would suggest at least a single tarp on it if not a blanket because Nuda doesn't really hold up to its reputed hardiness here. I didn't expect mine to get leaf burned, but it got half of its leaves fried which seemed to set it back this year.

Small plants are also more prone to winter damage so if you want it to put on size next year, you should probably add as much protection as possible.

I have no idea where they got the -20F cold hardiness from, maybe because rhizomes survived and re-sprouted at that temperature, but it is not even the hardiest bamboo out of my small collection of about 25 bamboos.

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got ya... yea my plan was to pile up a bunch of mulch around it then bending it over and puting a tarp over it with some rocks to hold it down. im just trying to decide on how much mulch i wanna lay down. the area its in is enclosed by the house and fence so its not terribly windy.

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i do appreciate the insight :)

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Sounds like a pretty solid plan. I would like to hear of someone in zone 5 growing 30ft+ tall bamboos and really defying the climate zone.

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