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mikect05April 17, 2009

Hello, I just received my first hive for my birthday as a gift from my gf, I have been reading for hours on end but am still not sure where to put my hive. We have a small yard with lots of neighbors. In the back of my yard we have a garden with a fence so I am thinking about putting it in the corner to hopefully force the bees up, but the the fence is only about 5 feet long on one side and then there are some small hedges where our yard meets the neighbors yard where there is an in-ground pool and children.

The other place I was thinking was between our house and our shed, the hive would fit pretty snug in there with only a few inches on either side to spare it would get no sun except for the entrance which i can place so that the first morning sun hits it. I don't know if the hive needs sun or if it might benefit it as it will be cool in the summer and very protected in the winter. I think I am leaning towards the garden.

The other thing I am concerned with is water, we also have a pool in our small yard along with the mentioned neighbors pool. I am thinking about burying a 5gal bucket in the ground right outside the hive with just an couple inches above ground. We go away every chance we get in the summer camping and to RI and the Cape for weekends or more if we can and so am worried if this will be sufficient. I was also thinking about just maybe cutting out the bottom of one 5gal and glueing it into another to make it deeper to hold more water and adding a willow branch to keep the water good and clean.

any suggestions for a new bee keeper? I am very excited, my girls should be arriving any day so I appreciate and look forward to any tips and ideas. Thank-you!!

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

First, have you checked with the bylaw if you can actually keep honey bees in town?
Second, still, it doesn't sound good with your yard being cramped in. Hives do better in sun, shade causes moisture problem in the hive.
As a bee keeper you need at least 2 to 4 hives, eventually they will swarm and you could be
picking them up at your neighbour, then you have another hive...and so on.
Check with your local bee club and see if you can place them elsewhere.
Pools is also bad news, bees like to go there because of the chlorine in the water, I don't think heaving water
near your hive will work, honey bees are opportunist, they always love to go away from their hives and collect pollen nectar and water.


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