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glenik(7B)September 27, 2007

I will be recieving a culm for transplant here in Oct. He has the actual Bambousoides that goes 70ft or so on his property and is willing to give me one. I am unfamiliar with this one personnly because I have never known anyone to actually have the proper stuff, anyway.... I have a couple of spots that I would like to see it here around my pond and on the other sde of my yard so my question is this, my spot of choice is on the S side of my yard however ther is also a cedar hedge on the propertyline and the Boo would be somewhat up against it. The cedar is about 15ft tall and quite dense allowing nt much for light for about 8-10ft out into the yard. I know it gets tall and the canopy remains fairly high I think? But how will it do in such a shady spot until it reaches 20ft or so? Does not the ground being warm influence the rate of growth or maybe none at all? The other area is warm all day and I dont see it having any problem there, other than the neighbour tehe. I will be putting in barriers of course. Also another big quetion I need some input on is how far will the rizome generaly travel before showing itself? So when considering the initial location will it mve out into my desired area at a specific rate or distance per year, or will it occassionaly throw up a shoot a large distance away therby covering my desired area more randomly? Am I also able to keep culms 3ft apart (with work of course) or is this asking to much? The fellow is in Mexico for another 3weeks and Im unable to chat with him on his experiences until I see him when he gives it to me. I on the other hand am chomping at the bit and want to start digging in my barrier but need more help with this shade issue. Any help any experienced member may be able to help me see this off to a good start would be greatley appreciated. I am in Zone 7b about 1.5hr from the coast. We will get a freeze here 1 or 2 weeks in the winter. This guy is at a higher elevation and would experience slightly colder temps than me so I hope I dont have any problems. Thanks again

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fredgpops(z9 N/ CA)

sounds like Phyllostachys bambusoides madake. This plant does best in direct sun. It is an aggressive runner and will run towards water. I would not put it close to your pond. If you get a plant, make sure it has a large rootball and stake it if it is a tall plant. If you have small to medium yard, I would put in a rhizome barrier to limit growth. Mature plants can send roots out 5 to 15 ft.

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