Banana help!

CHE3September 17, 2013

Three weeks this tree was 8 feet tall, now it's barely 3 feet. In the last 3 weeks I watered the leaves (which I learned is a no-no) and I've noticed there are ants on the plant, some spiders, but no spider mites as far as I can tell. This abyssinian isn't in great soil, but it was planted 9 months ago and was thriving until the last few weeks.

Why are the leaves slumping off to the side? And why is new growth now outward and not upward? How do I fix?

In San Diego, zip 92127 (zone 9b or 10, depending on who you ask)

Thanks!! This is driving me crazy.

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grabmebymyhandle(6 Kentucky) it does look think water in the crown cuased all those leaves to die?

How long had the water sat in there?

I managed to do somethin very similar to mine by tossing undissolved water soluble fertilizer down in the crown while I was fertilizing, that why you should do that by the way. :D

I wonder if had something to do with sun, in direct full sun here they grown very squat, with leaves emerging erect and promptly flailing out to side...
Yours doesn't look like that tho, the pstem is erect...
The leaves look a twisted and a bit distorted from what they should.

Sorry to not more help, more info or more pics might help, they might not, but it's a tough plant, keep the solid moist and it should grow out of it!

Do you plan to leave it there permenently?

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By the looks of it, it has sunburn. An what u said about the water just adds more to it. They don't like direct sunlight. That's why it has that purple look to it. One of three things you can do to help. Give it a little shade but still let a little light on it. Like some type of canopy. Like a light fabric elevated above it to help filter it until it can recover. U could transfer it to a shaded area. But that may cause transplant shock and damage it farther. Or put it in a large pot and bring it inside. Of course that could also give it a shock. Keep the soil moist but not wet. Keep in mind it might be low on nutrition. They are always hungry. Best of luck to you :) hope it gets better :)

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