Is this Bamboo

matt-walker(6)September 13, 2009

I picked up this plant at a local flea mkt. Seller said it is a ground cover bamboo. It was root bound in one small pot I divided and re-potted into four generous pots a few weeks ago and it seems to be doing fine. Just wondering if any of you know it it's bamboo and what the variety might be.

Thanks .. Matt

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It looks like Sasaella masamuneana 'Albostriata'.

Depending on the definition of ground cover, it can get 6 feet in height. Here it grows to about 2 feet in height.


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Thanks kentuck,
The seller said his gets about 12" tall. He is growing it in my area (North East corner TN). Quick research indicates we'll be pushing the envelope by one zone. I may need to rethink where I had planed to put it. Seems it needs constant moisture.

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kudzu9(Zone 8a - PNW)

That's a nice bamboo, but just be aware that some of the smaller ones like that are some of the more vigorous runners. Plant it in an area where it is easy to dig out the excess if its roots start traveling to areas it shouldn't. Fortunately, with these smaller bamboos the roots are pretty small and easy to sever, so it shouldn't be too difficult to keep in check. I keep mine in a very large saucer-like pot (about 2' wide) and it is evergreen in my Zone 8 area. In your area, it will probably drop foliage. That bamboo is hardy to about 0 degrees F; and maybe 5-10 degrees F in a pot. However, you could consider growing it in a large pot so it can be brought in for the winter and will keep its leaves. If you use a pot, don't put it in something where the top opening is smaller than the maximum diameter of the pot: when it gets root bound again, you'll never get it out. Vase-shaped pots are always best with any bamboo.

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