When to relocate Lako?

kiettran(Z10SanDiego)September 1, 2006


Last year, I planted a one gallon lako in the ground. As it turns out that the original location is a bit to small. Therefore, I would like to to move it to a new and much larger location. Since it was planted last year, there is a new shot which about ten feet which is not fully developed.

When would be the good time for me to move the entire a plan? (I live in San Diego, zone 10). The plant consists of two short, mature culms and one new, about 10-foot not fully developed culm.



Thanks for your recommendation

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unautre(8B San Antonio TX)

If you can get all of the fairly small root ball, now would be a good time before that severe SD winter arrives. :)

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Isn't it a bad time to relocate the boo when it is shooting? My Lako have been put up a shoot this time of year.
Just a thought.

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unautre(8B San Antonio TX)

yes, best when it's not shooting, which for my B. tuldoides is Dec/July, since it shoots continuously from July - November.

In very mild SD, I bet my B.t. would should nearly all year round.

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HI Kie^.t,
You might want to wait until the coldest time of year to transplant it. It's good that you are in San Diego with a mild climate. Your new shoot this year will not be affect. By the way, any of your older culm has the shiny jet black color? Mine is smaller than yours and in the 15 gal plastic tub. It's color is more of a dark chocolate, not jet black as shown in some of the pictures on the web. Currently it is putting up a 1" dia. shoot, about 1 feet high. Not sure How it would handle the 30 degree cold in December.

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