Maria, Supreme garden is blooming

haxuan(Vietnam)June 16, 2010

I posted a message a while ago, but somehow it didn't get through.

I just wanted to let Maria, Virginia know that the Amaryllis Supreme garden you sent me in 2008 has just opened its first blooms. Here's to share with you the photos.

And this is how it looked when arrived in 2008.

Thank you very much, Maria, for the beauty.


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Wow Xuan! I can't believe how quickly that bulb has grown! Do the bulbs have a resting period there?

They look so healthy, your doing a great job!


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Way to go Xuan. Great growing there!

So nice to see a familiar face now blooming in Vietnam.

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Yeah... Maria. Thanks again.


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Hi Xuan ,fancy seeing you on this forum ,its Jack here , its the first time i had a look at this forum so i dug out a few of my photos of my Hippeastrum Hybrids to post , these where bred about 30 years ago ,i dont do it any more but once all the new Bromeliad buildings etc are finished i may start hybridizing them again ,

this is " Bali Hai " a thick textured crepe type flower .very large size.

This is " Blushing Bride " a smooth waxy textured flower of medium size .

This is " Stardust " a large smooth waxy flower ,a Picotee hybrid .

This is " Jupiter " a medium crepe type flower , long lasting .

I would apriciate your comments , the Hippeastrum was one of my favourite plants to hybridise and flower , they are just so majestic ,
Cheers ,Jack

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Hi Jack, I'm glad to see you here, too.

I frequent a number of forums on GW since I do grow quite a few types of plant. You'll see me over African Violet, Cottage, Cacti & Succulent, Hoya and of course Bromeliad! I'm sort of "Jack of all trades..." hehehe!

All your blooms look special. Did you hybridize them all? Great fun, isn't it?

I've just started playing with cross-pollination last season. It will take a while before any of the seedlings will bloom.


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Hello Xuan ,
Should have realised as i am aware that you grow a diverse number of plants , Yes i these 4 Hippies ,are from my own breeding ,as i could not buy any decent bulbs all those years ago i decided i will create it myself ,( that's always been my philosophy , i will post some more Photos , i gave up on yellows early in the piece as the shape could only be improved at the expense of loss of colour ,i like the very filled in Leopoldii type A and type B flowers ,yes they are very exciting ,there are many question asked on this forum ( reading previous postings )that need to be answered ,one person stated that parentage did not bother him nor was it important , nothing could be further from the truth ,some varieties are just absolutely hopeless as parent material , any way nice to see you are interested in these plants as well ,cheers

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HI Xuan ,

Yes its me again , in case you wished to know ,the " Bali Hai " is from a cross between a white ( pollen parent ) and an orange Crepe type ,as whites are nearly always smooth in texture and the crepe texture dominates thats what you get ,most of the seedlings out that cross had that type of colour and pattern ,but a couple of soft orange where in there as well ,the 2 whites where both out the same cross of a Picotee type x a waxy white ( and was what i expected ) and Jupiter is from a Crepe type Vitatum hybrid x a white , as always ,pollen parent influences the colour and pod parent shape and size ( well 95 % of the time ) trust this may be of interest to you my friend ,
cheers ,Jack

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Thanks for the info, Jack.

Maybe you should start a new thread so that more people can appreciate your plants. Post here and others think it's about my Supreme garden plant only.


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