::::Whats the best time to divide a single rhizome?::::

murdamobambooSeptember 14, 2009

first things first, from miami, so anything and everything grows here...

some my buddy has alot of bamboo at his house. kinda dark green, really tall....

has some yellow ones as well.

all clumper, no runners.

i dug up a rhizome from the yellow one...

give or take, about this size


didnt have color to it yet....

now, where i think i had a problem, was that it didnt have roots yet.

i divided it from the mother plant, nice clean cut, as close to the mother as possible.

but im still nervous that i cut it to early....

i grabbed a pot full of the dirty around the shoot, and soaked it within 10 min. its been raining in miami lately too....

did i cut to early?

whats the best time to divide a single rhizome?

should i let mother nature do her job?

should i divide a rhizome when roots have developed?


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kudzu9(Zone 8a - PNW)

Rhizome is root mass below the surface. What you did was to cut a shoot that was just starting and will now die. In order to get a viable start of a clumping bamboo, you will have to get a decent size chunk of rhizome and, preferably, at least one fully developed culm. Unfortunately, clumpers have dense, woody rhizome systems. The last time I divided one, it took 1/2 hour with me pounding on the foot rest of a sharp, steel spade with a sledge to force it through the roots like a chisel. Some clumpers are less difficult...but you get the idea. You're not just going to be able to take a small piece and call it good. Unless you can get viable root mass, you're not going to get anywhere.

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