banana roots

fishoifc(8)September 9, 2008

does anyone know if banana roots or new pups will crack or buckle concrete I plan on moving a plant against edge of garage any suggestions.

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Plant away a banana is no where near strong enough root system to damage concrette unless its falling apart already. Banana's are also a very shallow root system so no worries about the driveway or walkway getting messed up

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I agree with what bdollarbill says, Banana roots just aren't strong enough to push up concrete, unlike maple trees which to are a pain the -um-uh- driveway and sidewalk, so yeah plant then where you want as long as they get sun they'll be good and cause no harm. Best of luck to you and your nanners!!!

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I've seen really large bananas planted in a really small concrete container between a house and a drive way, and they kinda grew pudging out and forming to the concrete. It looked funny, but no problem with it busting through, maybe in a plastic pot after a few years it would.

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We have a situation (UK London) where a banana plant root completely destroyed a new concrete plynth to our fence and we have to take it up with the neighbour to have it removed.
I have some nice photos to show what damage it can do.
It should never be planted next to fences, walls etc
It is quite capable to move a foundation of the house.
I dont know which species it is.

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