new with a question about bananas

iowabannutSeptember 22, 2008

Hello, I just signed up and have a question. I have several musa and a couple of ensete. My question is how to overwinter musa basjoo. I have two in the ground with pups and dont want to lose them. I have been told to cut them down, put a cage around them, fill cage with straw, and put a plastic bag over the cage. Will this work and is there a better thing than straw. Thanks for your input.

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I have had success with simply throwing a bag full of leaves on top of the clump.

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gardenguy_(z6b PA)

iowa, what's better is that you can cut down the basjoo and wrap the stalk with old dry bath towels. Pin the towels after wrapping to get them to stay on the stalk. Then get some containers or something to hold insulative stuff such as leaves or straw and put that around the towels. Finally get some plastic tarp and lay that on top to keep out rain and snow. Don't forget to use something heavy like bricks to hold down the plastic.

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coniferfreak(z6 PA)

Bradleyo, Do you mean that you dump the leaves from the bag onto the clump? Or do you just put a closed bag of leaves on top of the clump?? I am confused. Also, what zone are you in? That might work for me if I am in the same zone.

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