willoway nursery

lomodor(6)September 15, 2013

ok..in my ever ongoing search for specific plants..:)
im seeing online that "willoway nursery" out of ohio..might have a plant ive been looking for FOREVER
musa ingens..
does anyone know anything about willoway?? has anyone
bought any plants..especially banana plant/s from them?
i put in several calls..left messages..so im hoping to hear back from them..
especially..if they do have true musa ingens..how did they
propagate them.. seeds,tissue..
tissue culture seems to be the most successful..from what i read..
next prob.. keeping them growing..but..hey..im up for a
anyways..??? anyone???
much thanks..

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never heard of them and ingens seeds are few and far between. if they actually do have them I need to get one before everyone finds out and there is a run on the place! If I honestly thought they had them its only a couple hours drive for me to go pick it up so we will see

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any answer back?

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none..on there webpage they "say" they have
musa ingens plants..
i think i'll call them again..they have several nurseries i guess.. and see if i can get some kind of answer..
if u hear from them..let me know too..
its getting late in the yr now..

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