Can a Musa Banana be left inground in winter?

meyermike_1micha(5)September 11, 2013

I live in Zone 5a and I was wondering if I cut my banana plant back to a stump and buried it under lots of leaves and isulation if you think it might survive a winter..

The goal is to keep the ground underneath just moist without freezing...Is this doable? has anyone ever had one survive protecting theirs ?

Thank you

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grabmebymyhandle(6 Kentucky)

All depends on the kind of nanner it is..
Basjoo and Mekong giant would come back...

Don't cut it off tho, if your gunna try your idea just leave the trunk on it, it should help protect it...relisticly it's going to die...

You could however dig it cut all the leaves off but the newest roller and jam it in the smallest pot it'll fit in... Practically no light is needed and water maybe once a month

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