Mason bees are buzzing!!!

lanternboy(Z8 WA)April 7, 2006

This is my second year of mason bees and I really enjoy watching them buzz around the garden and fruit trees. They've been out for the last couple of days. Are there any suggestions out there for other plants and bushes for them to buzz around and pollinate? I've been told to make sure the holes are 4" to 6" deep for them to lay their eggs in but some people say a couple inches is good enough?

Let me know what you think!!!! Also, don't house them over water. I had to fish 3 or 4 out of my gutter barrels.


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Digger--you want them 6 inches because they lay females in the back of the tube, for protection, and males in the front. If the tube is too short you will get mostly males next year. I know they like Dandelions and a bush called Pieris. Good luck and happy gardening.............Tom

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I noticed HOney bees loved my Oregano & 4 nectar, & Gaillardia 4 pollen. I have tiny garden. Do know much about NW bee plants. Guess fruit trees are their specialty in the Spring.We're going to make or buy OM bee houses this year.


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WE've made them all 3" long in cedar for our church's property. That's what we've read is the minumum.They're are quite rare aroung here. I've seen 2 males since 4-06-06.



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