Fruit but not getting ripe

elbeardoSeptember 18, 2011

Hi. I've posted two photos here on the link provided of my two varieties of bananas growing in my backyard here in San Pedro, CA. The fruit have been hanging there for most of the summer and now we are heading into fall and they are not ripening. Should I cut the stalks off? I've heard of people putting plastic bags over the fruit to help speed the process. Any suggestions?

here's the photo link:

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I have the same problem here in South Florida. I tried bagging them and putting one each in the bag, a ripening plantain, and a store bought banana... no help.

Then I removed a hand from the tree and did the same thing, no help. I've made note of the size of the hands left on the tree and they continue to get larger in length and diameter so I'm leaving them alone for a while more. If they don't ripen in another month, I'll fry them like plantains :-)

PS, the ones I removed from the tree 5 weeks ago and bagged laid on my counter and did ripen nicely (without the bag) while the ones on the tree stay green and hard.

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postlethwait(10Lehigh Acres)

I was told when we started the banana's in our yard that they do not ripen on the tree, you must cut the stalk and hang inside to ripen. That is the way we have been doing it and it works great. Be aware, if you place the stalk in a plastic bag, all the banana's will ripen at the same time. We found that out the hard way. Hope this is the correct way to ripen them, but works for us.

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I just dug up an article from a guy who sounds like he knows just about everything we should know. He shares it at:

In short they do ripen on the tree, after ~ 6 months. GREAT reading there.

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Bananas do ripen on the plant.They can take anywhere from 3 to 10 months depending on your climate and time of year.You can cut some early from the bunch and place in a paper bag to ripen.If you wait for them to get ripe on the plant they will all get ripe about the same and it would be hard to eat them all before they spoil

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