fertilize banana??

james_hoonSeptember 6, 2007

Hi, I only have one banana which I moved with me to the new house. This banana is one year old but not very grow only 6' tall and about 10 leaves due to lack of fertileze. I'm wondering if I still can provide more food to banana at this time and expect some fruit next season.

This banana plant in clay soil mixed with compost. So far I added some banana peel, miracle grow and some 5-5-5 organic fertilize. I also have 20-20-20 fertilize for orchid which I wondering if I could use this with other plants like banana, raspberry or roses.

When should I stop adding organic matter to banana? I've read that banana will stop growing if temp at night goes below 50 degree. When should I start feeding it again and how much?

Also watering banana which I know need a lot of water so as of now I still water everyday. What is proper way to water banana for winter and for growing season?

Now about new pup, when can I expect new pup from my banana. If I mulch about 3" deep will that stop new pup to come out?


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I highly recommend cow manure if you can get some it has made my bananas triple in size !

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I got some steer manure bought from home depot but not sure if it composted or fresh. The bag say composted but still smell like ..... I did add a little to banana and some other fruit trees, the rest I just have it sit in my other bed with no plants.

How about watering? how much should I water banana in hot weather and also in winter? I water everyday now since it's just been moved to this new location.

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I water mine every day

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