Mystery bees

m_martianApril 2, 2010

Hi, I'm new here!

Today my family and i discovered a whole swarm of bees hanging from one of our pine tree branches and the needles. As far as I can tell they haven't been stinging any of my pets or cows or horses or anything but my parents called the bee remover anyway (although i want to make a santcuary for them somewhere because of the bees disapearing and all.)

when I get close enough to look it's like they are all just hanging there without any kind of comb that I can see. Are theses killer or honey bees? I'd like to keep them if their honey so they can pollinate our garden. I could provide a picture if needed.

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You can't tell the differnce by looking, your bee remover/keeper might be able to help out with a hive. Jim

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I'd like to keep them to pollinate our garden and they dont seem to be doing any kind of harm. I stood right underneath them and my dads been working on big noisy dieasel tractor all around them and we haven't gotten stung. they just seem to eb keeping to themselves.

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African honey bees started out with just queen bees from africa in an attempt the breed a bee that would produce more honey, some test queens exscaped in South America and began breeding with local bees. The African strain is much more aggressive than the normal honeybee. The term "KILLER BEE" came from the media to headline their stories. if you a alergic to bee stings a normal honeybee can kill you. The African Honey Bee (AHB)will attack in numbers and chase you quite a ways when they a upset with you. The differnance is in the DNA and you can breed it out. Jim

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