type of banana for pots

greekmanSeptember 30, 2008

What type of banana recomended for large pots ? and what type has the higher production ?

I am interesting to grow some bananas from seeds, any fertizer information welcomed.



from Athens-Greece

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John, banana plants tend not to produce when they are potted although I have seen some that have. If you are trying to find a plant that produces edible fruit I wouldn't be looking for seeds, but rather live Tissue cultured plants or divisions.

Banana plants enjoy any type of fertilizer especially those with high N when they are actively growing during summer. I fertilize all my plants with 20-20-20, fish emulsion and lawn fertilizer in the solid pellet form (its cheap). hope this helps

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many thanks banana_fun for your informations.

Unfortunally in Greek market I can't found live Tissue cultured plants or divisions or seeds, so I must to import those from Europe.


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