Brood Chamber

julysunApril 3, 2012

One deep or two best for brood nest. Maybe one deep and a super?

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

Both will work, here we normally go with two deep, one's they filled both, honey super on top over queen excluder.

Not sure what you meant with one deep and a super, super is usually called a honey super,...above the brood.

See what is common is your region.

Here, heaving two brood chambers and not touching the honey going into winter is a good insurance that bees have enough food for the winter, from September until mid April.

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I meant putting a honey super on top of the deep then a queen excluder then the second super for honey. This would make the brood chamber one deep and one super. Here in Texas I think one deep is brood nest may be enough.The super was just a question, do I need it in zone 9.

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