Leaves Growing out of Stem

kikonocSeptember 24, 2008


I adopted some indoor, potted banana plants. They were kept in windowless hallway for a few months before I moved them into my office that is filled with light. They are regaining their red variegated coloring back and seem to be happy and sending out new leaves. But I've noticed on a couple of plants that some of the new emerging leaves have split the stem, and instead of growing up out of the center of a previous leaf, they took a shortcut and just broke out of the side of the plant.

Can anyone tell me what is going on? The leaves that are coming out the side are stunted and split and seem premature. Seems like they hurt themselves breaking out like that. Is this normal banana behavior? Is there anything I can do, or should I just let nature takes its course?

They're such pretty plants--I'd hate to have them shrivel up and die.

Thanks in advance,


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coniferfreak(z6 PA)

Can you post a picture? I am not certain what you mean exactly, but mine may be doing the same thing.

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Hi coniferfreak. I posted a pic. Is that what your banana is doing?

Here is a link that might be useful: Leaf breaking out of stem

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coniferfreak(z6 PA)

Wow that IS strange! Thanks for posting the pic. No, that is not how mine is growing.. mine is more like a brand new stem that grew from the very bottom sides of the main stem. However I know it is not a pup because it is only a single leaf and does not appear to be able to push any other new leaves from it. I just cut mine off because they started leaning outward and the wind was breaking them. These bananas sure do some strange things! lol

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