Both of my new banans were misrepresented.

butterfly4uSeptember 13, 2012

Hi all!

I received 2 new small bananas about 2 weeks ago and they were labeled California Gold, and Blue Java icecream plants. That is what I ordered and paid for, they came in the mail.

They were helathy and had nice little leaves, and when they grew new leaves, they were blotched with red.

Obviously, they aren't the plants that I had ordered.

Now I have 2 bananas that I don't want.

I have no idea what they are, and I have no idea if they will even give me edible fruit or not.

I already have a small musa bajoo, for decorative purposes, I wanted bananas I cut possible get to flower and have fruit.

Just wanted to vent.

I am not ordering from mail order ever again.

I have been taken for the last time.

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Red splotched leaves does not necessarily mean that that plant is a ornamental type and will not produce edible fruit. Some younger plants will put up red splotched leaves until they get a certain size then the new leave are splotch free. My FHIA 17 has pups with the red leaves. I cant recall if my Blue Java has throw up a splotched leaf or not.

Once they get a little larger, take pictures and ask the folks what type they think they are.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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put up a few pics and we can tell what they are. Most of the time when they have wine spots on the leaves of pups there from the cavendish group (gran nain) and will produce decent fruit given a good climate. maybe you got lucky and got a dwarf cav. and it will fruit when small

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Here are the pics, they have grown, see the red on the outside of the stem too. I hope they are dwarf cavendish

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