Chinese bulbs

roberto2June 13, 2013

Did any of You try Worsleya for 5 dollars ?

...or doubles for 2 dollars ?

...or Cybister and calyptratum for 5 dollars ?

I don't need Your ironic comments, just to know if You had in Your hands some of these bulbs.

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I don't.

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I ordered the blue one. I made the mistake of ordering 2 different types from the same seller. They are not labelled and only 11-12cm bulbs so i won't know what they are for many years, assuming i keep them alive that long. :P

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

They made no mention of a phyto certificate (they couldn't be so inexpensive if they included that), so I'll never know. Good luck to those of you that order. You may be able to request that they label the bulbs!

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They are so small and cheap i doubt it is worth the effort for a phyto cert. At least in the UK i doubt they are all that thorough with a tiny package. They are better off just reshipping or refunding if it is confiscated.

One had sprouted and the leaf had died. I'll plant them today and see if they live.

Someone left a feedback saying that it is not worsleya. :/

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I actually tried to rescue the bulbs as they were dying. I cut it back and both were infested with tiny white mites that had eaten half the bulb. I quickly threw them out I was so disgusted and disappointed.

I'm soooo glad I did not pot them up with my other bulbs.

I always thought that in the UK I would never need to fear those bulb flies etc, seldom even see an ant here. But I guess that is why phyto certificates are needed.

Never again.

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Bulbs arrived and left me totally disappointed (to say the least).
-They are about 3cm. diameter (see photo)
- Not labelled
- Not safely boxed (they where simply wrapped in just a nylon bag!!!)
- they are half rotted.(the photo show them after half an hour cleaning)
So, well, not worth one single penny (or cent...)


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Yeah it is silly of them to not label them. I already told them that. I mean if i was going to buy from them i would never buy more than one type at a time and that would prevent them from saving postage money.

Yours were better condition than mine, i tried to salvage mine but the infestation was so disgusting i immediately tossed them.

Mine was wrapped in plastic wrap and some bubble wrap. Since they are sent by SAL, they are likely going to have some rot on them by the time they arrive.

I told them that people would be willing to pay for blooming sized bulbs.

But you can dispute it with the seller and they may just refund you. I just left it and consider it a lesson learned.

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

A little rooting hormone might help. They do look tiny. Well, lesson learned. Good luck nursing them to health. AJ is right...people would pay more for healthier bulbs.

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Even if you throw away infested bulbs they may hatch. Seal inplastic or put bulbs in a styrofoam drink box with a tight lid. Fill with hot (only) water. Put on lid for 2 hours. Insects, larva will be cooked. You can clean out rotten part of bulb and plant. Or throw away.
. These are not professional growers. Bill

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Oh those things were pretty dead after 2-3 weeks in plastic wrap. In any case i quickly threw them out as i felt kinda sick but i'll take note for the future.

But thank you for the tip about hot water treatment. Is that only for infestations or does that help red blotch too?

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Long story short on red marks on hippeastrum. Try hot water hydration.
The red is a chemical reaction of air bleeding through cell walls and oxidising a chemical in the plant fluid. Something broke some cell walls-
scatch, cut, bruise, gnawing insect, sucking insect, politician, fungus, bacteria, amoebas, virus, etc. Bill

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bunnynomnom(zone 10a)

Regarding the bulbs, I also tried to order a few from Love Family, which seems to be different from what you two ordered. It was shipped on June 22 and arrived on July 1st. The bulbs were about 1.5-2" in diameter, wrapped in paper towel and bubble wrap. The bulbs were firm, some bulbs were dried with no roots, others had leaves and nice roots (although both leaves and roots were cut 1 inch above and below). Two bulbs have two offsets, which is nice. There was only one leaf a bit mushy, but it was an easy clean. I soak the roots in water for 20 minutes, and they look healthy and awake. Overall, I think it was rather okay, about $2.30 each with free shipping although I was surprised it passed CA customs without a phyto certificate. The other thing was the no label problem as well. I'll see if the seller would response to which is which.
I'm potting them separately and away from all my other hippies to observe for any sign of disease or bug. Hopefully time will tell.

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Thanks bill. :)

I got another bunch which i ordered at the same time but just got them. They were the same tiny bulbs but at least not infested. Lets hope i keep them alive long enough to see what they are.

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I would clean them and plant them I had a baby bulb in a 3 inch pot and It flower for me I was in shock to see the size of it and it gave me flowers and it does not take long for the blubs to grow if you take care of them

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I've potted up the non-bug infested ones and 2 out of 4 are showing some wakening. :)

I had several small bulbs that died due to me forgetting to water them, after several months i repotted them and half of them have come back to life.

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A pitty to hear that you bought plants in bad condition from China. I'd checked the link you provided, but found the plants no more available.
To be frank, such prices for these bulbs sounds incredible, so I'm really doubt whether you'd bought the right ones...
If anyone need assist here in China, pls feel free to contact with me. I'll always be ready here for assist to the bulb lovers in gardenweb.

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Pretty certain they are not worsleya. Just curious what they will bloom as tbh.

That is kind of you to offer. Are blooming sized amaryllis available in China or are they always sold as really tiny bulbs than need years of growing?

Are there any varieties which are common in China but rare globally? Amaryllis bulb industry is supposed to be labour intensive so i'd have thought that China would be a good place to have such an industry.

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Took a pic of the bulbs in a container. I wonder if some of them are even hippis. lol Only the 4 in the centre are from the chinese seller. 1 on the side is a spider lily and one is a cybister.

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