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RUDE_RUDY(Z6 OZARKS)April 18, 2005

I ordered a complete beginer beekeepers kit from one of the suppliers, assembled it, painted it, and have a nuc reserved.I was prepared to get my nuc this week.

Now an experienced beekeeper tells me that it is better to have a screened bottom board for two reasons, first, to help control varoa mite and second to help ventilate in the summer heat.

my question is should I just use the solid bottom board assembly that came with my kit, modify it with a screen, or order a screened bottom board?

is it ever advisable to change the bottom board setup after the colony is established in the hive?I am anxious to get this hive up and running asap, flowers wont wait.

thanks in advance.

peace, rude

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txbeeguy(z8 TX)

from this "experienced" beekeeper: just use what ya got

You can always switch over to a SBB at some later date.
While SBBs may help (with Varroa), they're not whats gona
solve our mite problem and your hive will survive just
fine if you're using one of the brands of mite strips.
And if you're concerned about summer heat, just prop open
the top with your entrance reducer stick - do this after
the hive is builtup & strong.

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ccrb1(z5 IND)

All my hives are on SBB, and they help me to know when I get mites and how bad the infestation is. At the Indiana Beekeeping School, no student gets a hive unless it's got a SBB.

Suggest you get either the sbb insert or replace the bottom board. The "kits" provided by the vendors don't include them, not because you don't need them, but simply to keep the price down. For years Kelley veils were missing the helmet. Again, just to keep prices down.

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