there is a huge mass of bees on my sidewalk

jasonjm2007April 15, 2009

where the sidewalk meets the grass

thousands of them all in a big ball

what are they doing there?

i turned on my sprinklers by they didnt leave....

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

What kind of bees are they? Can you post a picture?


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yah when i get home if they still there i will

i called the fire department and made it their problem

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LOOK - THE BEES AT 15 MEGAPIXELS! zoom to see full size

at least one pile of them in my picture

so tell me what kind of bees are they and what are they doing and why arent they going away

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

That's not that many the bee keepers eye.
These are honey bees, looks like the Italian strain, probably the fire going to kill them?
This would be easy pick for a bee keeper, do you have any in your area and can phone:
For them being on the ground and not moving could mean that the queen got injured and cant fly or
you have a neighbour with bees ?.. the hive swarmed and the queen couldn't fly well because some
keepers clip their wings so they don't go far when they swarm.


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im in a built up area of los angeles

doubt there would be a beekeeper

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there are beekeepers everywhere, even in the big cities. You'd be surprised. good luck

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It's a shame to kill a bunch of bees that just work hard to pollinate our fruit and protect their queen....


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they all flew away today to somewhere else (I dont know where)

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Some of the posters are right. There are beekeepers everywhere who are more than willing to collect the bees. With the declining populations of bees in this country it makes me sad when I hear that another swarm is going to be destroyed. It is nice to hear that they flew away before being destroyed. A nice ending to this story!

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

But I'm not so sure if I should believe bees stayed for 4 or 5 day's on the side walk when the Firedepartement was called in day one.


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Well this very thing happened to me two days ago. A small swarm of honey bees landed on my drive way, and then they formed a pile on the grass near by. They were right outside my front door so I was concerned for my kids and any visitors that may be coming by. I called one of our pest control companies to see if they knew anybody who was a bee keeper. They gave me a name and number and he came by that evening and took them away. I never encountered a swarm before and I was amazed at just watching them. I never heard of a swarm just staying in the grass for several hours. Anyway, I hated to hurt them for the simple reason of hearing about all the honey bees dying do to some type of mites.

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the fire department never came back, their warning barricades are still sitting on my sidewalk

they just forgot about it.....

anyways now i got something worse, a black widow infestation

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In the past (10+ years ago) you are correct about being able to find a willing beekeeper to come by and gladly pick them up for free and thank you for it! But nowadays I wish I could find a beekeeper in Southern Nevada. I've called everywhere and they all say that "they are REQUIRED to treat ALL stray bee hives here as Africanized and can only destroy the nests" and they want a minimum of $75 up to $200 to come out and destroy them. Don't know if this a line the pest services are using to get business, but we haven't found anyone to say otherwise. It makes my wife so upset as WE can tell they are perfectly tame bees, but we can't have them nesting on the house eves. Our yard is apparently very attractive to them due to a lot of blooming vegetation in the middle of all xeriscaped yards and we average one swarm a year. The only ones that attack are from when they are destroying a hive nearby and angry ones stray to our house. If anyone has another suggestion I'd love to hear.
Right now I think we have one in a hidden corner of the house roof as we started seeing a few hundred half-dying on our driveway the last few days. I'm guessing someone in the neighborhood has sprayed insecticide heavily.

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