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kaysbelle(z5IL)September 23, 2008

I live in central Illinois and have a dwarf cavendish and musa basjoo. I have a couple of questions concerning the overwintering technique you use.

1. Should the pups be separated now or wait till next year when they are 2' tall? I have a basjoo with four pups - 1 is 4' tall and the other two are about 18". The cavendish has two pups 12" tall.

2. I plan on putting a plastic half barrel over the plants which has the end cut out of it, after I cut it down and put the leaves over the top. I plan on putting mulch in the barrel. Should I cover the barrel with a tarp to keep the snow out?

3. Should the plant be cut to the ground or leave some of the stems? If not all the way to the ground, how much of the stem should be left?

Any other suggestions would be much appreciated.

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You need to bring the cavendish inside as it cannot take the cold you are going to get. Regarding the Bajoos, leave the pups in place. Be sure and cover with 2 ft of bark mulch the rest with leaf mulch. If you plan on using the banana leaves be sure and break them up. Good luck

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