Container/species design for visual density

kensabodeSeptember 27, 2008

I'm planning a container bamboo visual screen on the side of my long wide concrete driveway against a low concrete block wall. The allocated space is roughly four feet wide, maybe 20 feet long. Need only 10 feet tall but it's totally open to sky and to wind from both sides (maybe a good thing or interesting sounds at least). I've browsed other messages but didn't find all the answers.

What would be your recommendations for a total design:

1. Container size. I want to keep it small, but heard that roughly 24"x24" by 18" deep (net volume for soil) is the least needed. I could anchor the bottoms to prevent toppling.

2. Container walls. Will the rhizomes slowly puncture a solid redwood box made of 2x6 walls (mortised, pinned and stacked like a log home)? Must I use 4x4's?

3. Container spacing for visual density. If 24"x24" each, would a linear row be sufficient once established? Or should they be 24"x36" each, then staggered in a double row? I can make as many containers as needed.

4. Species? I know very little about Phyllostachys.

5. Irrigation? I'm piping in a dedicated circuit. Tree ring soaker hose in each container for weekly 15 minutes at high pressure okay? Or what's ideal?

6. Other considerations?

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I would recommend planting a clumper instead of a runner. A clumper will not need to be re-potted as often, and will grow more dense in a pot giving you a more solid screen.

I would look into some of the Bambusas, probably one of the multiplexes which will give you a very dense screen.

The planter size sounds OK and made of 2X6's should suffice.

A large plastic garden pot will also do fine, and will make it easier when it comes time to re-pot in a few years.

Good Luck


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I agree with Kt, a clumper would do well. Being in SF I would go with one of the Himalayan clumpers like Himalayacalamus, Borinda, Fargesia robusta(a couple others, not all), Thamnocalamus(the nice ones).

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