Bamboo Identification?

iain42September 29, 2008

This grove is inbetween two driveways and runs about 60ft long. It looked about 30ft high. This grove is only 2.5 ft wide yet you can't see through it at all. What type of bamboo is this? At first I thought it was henon but I'm not sure

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Could be Henon, but it's hard to tell from the photos.


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I think Henon as well..

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I just happened to meet a local landscaper who knows the property owner with the bamboo. They are having trouble controlling the bamboo. It looks like I may get to dig some up for free : )

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Do the older gray culms have a waxy coating on them? Henon has a waxy coating that can be scratched off with your fingernail.

A close-up pic would be helpful.


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