Did I kill my banana tree?

DonnieJean(3)September 18, 2012

In early June I bought a 1' banana tree and planted it in a large container. It grew beautifully, formed a 2nd pup(?) and is about 3' tall. I knew we were going to get frost last night (a low of 22), but, instead of moving it inside, I covered it with a couple of layers of sheets. Today I uncovered it and was shocked to find that the cold had penetrated the covering. The leaves are now glassy-looking and limp. Have I killed it or is there any way to save it? I read that banana trees should be allowed to go dormant, but I'm not sure this is what they meant.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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What kind of banana plant is it? I don't know if even basjoo is hardy to zone 3 but definitely is not in a container. You need to dig it up, cut off the leaves and stick it someplace where it won't freeze.

Even a less hardy banana would probably be fine after such a short time if you go ahead and put it someplace it can go dormant and won't freeze.

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I am on the northern edge of zone 6 in the Ohio Valley. I need to winterize my banana plants. Is it best to just dig them up and cut the tops down to bring them inside or should I do something else with them? How far down can I cut the tops? Should I remove all dirt from the roots? Any help would be appreciated.


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where exactly do you live in the Ohio Valley

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