Try to ID my Banana plant

mightycowSeptember 6, 2011

Here a picture of my plant, it's about 10cm tall (~4 inch).

It was called musa acumminata in the store but according to what I've read so far there is tons of different kinds of that so I'd like to know wich of them I have.

Also one of my plants recently started to loose strengh in its leaves and I can't figure what is wrong with it any ideas?

Thanks for your help.

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Bamatufa(7 - Trussville, AL)

Good luck. Young Banana plants look all alike to me. I have Saba, Ice Cream,Giant Napal, and Giant Yunan that I sought out and purchased and honestly can not say for a fact is what I have. My Black Thai is my only banana I would be willing to bet is what it is because its stalk is black in color according to the published description. "They all look alike".

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Hey thanks alot for the answer anyway, maybe you have any idea on when I could be able to tell what kind it is. I actually mostly whould like to know if it is a dwarf plant and if it may fruit if I care well enough for it

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