Use honey in a top hive feeder????

laryanitaApril 22, 2010

Hello all. I was wondering about using a honey in a hive top feeder. I usually use organic sugar to feed my bees, which can get quite costly. My hive didn't make it through the winter, and they left a nice amount of honey, which I have already harvested. Does anyone have any experience with feeding their bees honey via hive top feeder? Is it too thick? I've read elsewhere not to dilute honey when feeding, so I'm wondering if this is plausible.

Thanks ahead!

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

Usually old honey you can feed without diluting, I leave it out, when time
comes, early spring or later in fall when nectar source stops,
bees will take it, perhaps you have some really hard honey,
heating up in a oven or steam might help. I have tried one's with diluting, for some
reason bees didn't want to touch it.


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Yes, yes, yes, do use honey for feeding. 1:1 is good BUT NOT PASTURISED Honey! It kills the bees :(

Not a scientist but this is information picked up elsewher online. JL

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I would not feed my bees honey because honey is a lot more expensive than sugar also do worry about getting organic sugar just get the pure cane sugar but you can feed bees honey. Happy Beekeeping! -Alex

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