capturing old hive boxes

leosart(hawaii)April 23, 2005

Aloha, I have the chance to capture an old hive (8 years) that has been in two old hive boxes one on top of the other, with a hive cover. The boxes are a mess and bees are coming and going from both boxes and holes in them. It seems as though there are plenty of bees, and would like to get them into a new box and eventually move them about 10 miles to my land. They are in a shed type structure, dry and

happy I guess. I have some ideas about what I should do but I'm only guessing. Someone with experience I would appreciate. Leo

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paulvail(7b Raleigh, NC)

I'd suggest simply taking them where you want them to go. You can purchase a screen cover for transporting hives. And once you get to your land, move the existing frames within the old hive into your new hive bodies. Do you know the size of the existing hive body frames? That might dictate what you are going to purchase for a new hive. Then again, are these old boxes truly useless? Can you keep using them?

Have you inspected for foul brood or other diseases? You'll want to examine that hive BEFORE you take it anywhere. No point in moving a contaminated hive and risking your other equipment.

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