Beehives Near Poisonous Plants?

Edymnion(7a)April 24, 2013

As stated in another thread I started, I'm about to start up my own hive and am going through the various permutations I can think of before doing so, just to make sure.

I have several very poisonous plants that I intentionally grow (the biggest offenders being Deadly Nightshade and Wolfsbane). The Wolfsbane is so toxic that just brushing against it can give you a rash that will make poison ivy seem mild by comparison, but they do make for very attractive flowers.

Now I know that as a rule honey bees won't be overly attracted to my local garden, preferring to go after orchards, wildflowers, all of the big game stuff. I also know that it will take a very small amount of aconite to make someone quite ill.

I do intend on using some of the honey the hive will produce, so obviously 2+2 time, should I be worried about the honey being tainted by my poisonous plants?

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And I found the answer in an article about aconitum poisoning in Japan traced back to honey from a hive that was near a patch of wild monkshood/wolfsbane.

So definitely won't be growing that again next year.

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