Getting honey bees out of a tree or...

Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)April 26, 2013

Allot of people ask on how to extract a colony out of a tree or whatever have you.

Getting a colony out of a tree can get very tricky and cumbersome if you don't want the tree or wall to cut down.

Cutting down and open carefully would be the easiest but no guarantee that you'll get the queen out alive.

This is how I would approach it,...screw some angle brackets onto the tree and set a hive box up with foundation [on top level of hive in the tree] or if you have a frame or two of new brood from another hive, bees want to tend the brood so you'll have some of the bees going into the box right away and stay,
Seal off all entrance from the tree, except one, the highest on the hollow, there you attach a hose/tube, perhaps staple fist a screen, shaped into a funnel, onto the tree, funnel into the hose going into the bottom board of new hive box, drill hole first, perhaps using something like a one inch rubber hose.

All bees will have to go through the hive entrance, going and coming, hopefully the queen will go up when the tree hive gets filled up, [in the tree] bees and queen love to go up, never funnel downward. Check one's in a while, about one's a week and see if you have new eggs/brood, this will tell you that you have the queen, then undo the hose, perhaps move the box a bit, and smoke out all bees out of the tree and shut close.

You'll have some angry bees /swarm around and looking for the home, eventually they settle down and go into the hive box.

Brood in the old hive will die out, up about Sept. and let bees rob out the honey in the tree, this can take a couple of weeks, when no activity, seal up again, otherwise a new colony will move in again next year.

You can open briefly in spring again to clean out some more if needed.

Timing is important, do it in early summer when the colony is expanding, don't do it in fall.

I know, easier said then done.

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Dear Friends:
I have a nuc box that I cannot get the queen out of. I am a novice beekeeper (5 years) and I bought two new nucs this spring. I placed the frames in my hive body's and the next day, the one nuc still had the queen in it. She must have been on the inside wall f the nuc box. I banged the nuc box on top of the hive bodies and left it there for them all to go into the hive body. It then rained for 3 weeks straight so I couldn't check on them. When I finally did, they were all still in the nuc box, with 3 or 4 combs built. Then I tried to place an escape board under the nuc box, and the next day I removed the nuc box from the top of the hive body's. She is still in the nuc box with 4 - 5,000 bees. I can't tell where she is in the box, and do not want to break out combs for fear of injuring her. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

As I understand, you have a box with some comb, bees and queen.
You could try to put another nuc box on top with frames, bees like to go up,..eventually, also the queen, inspect at least one's a week, ...rain won't hurt, look for eggs brood there, when you do then look for the queen, most likely she is there, then cut the natural comb apart and set it by the hive, bees will go back to the nuc. Bees will clean out comb,..well, perhaps you get robber bees, if so, you can cut out comb honey for yourself s,..if any?

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