Black Bamboo Contol

jefflewinSeptember 12, 2009

Three years ago we planted black bamboo around the perimeter of our yard, it is well established, and we like it.

However, now it is invading our neighbors' yards and our lawn.

Should we

1 dig it all out and replace it with something else

2 dig a trench around it and install a 30" bamboo barrier

3 live with it and prune it as necessary.

What do you recommend and why?

Your advice is greatly appreciated.

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kudzu9(Zone 8a - PNW)

If you like it, why dig it all out? Your problem is a typical sounds like you may have done nothing to control the roots until you noticed they went too far. Bamboo barrier will control this. You need to dig the ditch (probably 24" deep is plenty), install the barrier, and remove those rhizomes which have gone too far. I do this with a pruner to cut the rhizome, and a pickaxe to dig/pry it out. Once you get an end out, you can often grasp it and yank on it to "unzip" it from the ground. Most rhizomes are only 6"-8" deep, so prying them out isn't that hard...although you may have a little lawn damage. You could also do without the barrier and just practice rhizome pruning by chopping down all around the perimeter you want to maintain; you would probably need to do this twice a year. However, in my experience, most people have trouble staying on top of this, so the easiest solution in the long run is barrier installation.

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I would love some and pay for post.
just let me know and good luck with it. I would just plan to grow it in a container.

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Black Bamboo is really pretty, and I think you should keep it, but it DOES need a barrier to keep it entact. I also would LOVE just a teeny, tiny piece of it if you need to dig some up. I'll pay for the postage if it. You can email me anytime, :) thanks

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I would really appreciate some. Take a look at my list and let me know if I have anything you might like. and if not I would be happy to pay for the post cost. I think it is very beautiful.
Thank you

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Many thanks to all.

Let us know when you are going to be in San Diego and we will gladly share our abundance.

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