Change in bee behavior

sandra_christieApril 8, 2008

We have a hive of Carniolians doing very well, very full. Recently, they have started to pursue us in the backyard, buzzing around our heads and stinging us. Our yard is 25 feet behind the hive (hive facing away from the yard). This is their second season, and we never had this problem before. It's like they are seeking us out as intruders! What's going on, any ideas?


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Is there something bothering the hive like a skunk or other critter that gets them upset so that they are always in an attack mode? Just a thought.

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I'm not sure, I'll check this because I smelled a strange smell yesterday AM when I went outside. Hmmmm. I was thinking that maybe there is a new queen that has meaner genes, not sure.

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