Starter Hive Size?

Edymnion(7a)April 28, 2013

Something I haven't found on my own yet, but is the size of a new hive important? As in, can it be too big for a swarm or nuc this time of year?

Main reason is because I'm starting my first hive, and have realized that if I make it two bodies and two honey supers, I can paint it up as something rather iconic:

Base is already there, and the hive cover has a nice rim that will make the top ledge quite nicely, I could then paint the panels on the two hive boxes and then have the windows and sign on the honey supers.

The location I plan on putting the hive in is already out of the sun, so I'm not overly worried about the relatively dark color being an issue.

Just wondering if two hives and two supers from the very start would be too much for a fresh colony to establish in, or if I'll need to go ahead and paint it up, then reduce it down smaller until they can build up?

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It is usually recommended to give the bees only the space they need. You may be able to accomplish what you are trying to do by putting a solid inner cover over the brood box and not installing frames in the other, empty boxes until needed. Once a box is almost full you can move the inner cover up and fill the next empty box with frames..

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Sounds good. I'll get everything painted up, take my pictures, then just pieces as I need them.

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