starting over and mason bees

mrtulinApril 10, 2008

First, I'm sad to report that two hives of bees did not make it through this winter. My bee supplier reported that it was a tough winter for bees, so I'm in good company. Ordered 2 packages of bees and a helmet and veil for my husband, who is really into this! He was very upset that the creatures died; I was pretty philosophical.

Now I have a question about mason bees. By the time I checked for supplies on line, the suppliers I found were out of stock for the season. If I put up a house, are there 'wild' ones tht might find it?



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Very well could. Especially if you have plants they like blooming nearby and supply fresh mud for them.

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todancewithwolves(Z9 CA)

Mine are active right now. I say go for it! Put up the house and they will find it eventually.

Good luck!

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