Plant, Flower or natural way to repel wood bees from carport?

melonmagician(Zone 8a N.Texas)April 30, 2006

Hello We have a large carpenter bee problem they seem to like moms carport...i like them because they are one of the best polinators here in ne texas but how can we repel them out of the carport into the garden instead

I heard that there was a flower or a plant that most bees dont like the smell off and wont come this true and does it work on all bees and wasps?

Please Help us

MY garden is going to be sunflowers marigolds and watermelons,cantaloupes and tomatos

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I'm not aware of any plant that that will deter them, though there are people marketing a repellant that is made of plant extracts and the like ( for one).

The best protection seems to be paint (not stain) and using woods they don't prefer:
"Keep all exposed wood surfaces well painted (oil base or polyurethane) to reduce attack. Wood stains will not prevent damage. Aluminum, asbestos, asphalt, vinyl siding and similar non-wood materials will not be damaged. If practical, remove and replace damaged wood with chemical pressure-treated wood to discourage nest construction."

Here is a link that might be useful: Carpenter Bees Fact Sheet

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melonmagician(Zone 8a N.Texas)

Cool i like the idea of that natural repellent...carpenter bees are the most annoying bees but im not afraid of them..

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catherinet(5 IN)

We have a major problem with them along the trim over our back porch. And now they're drilling holes in the cedar overhangs of my chicken coop. They really frustrate me. But I've been reading that they are great pollinators, and considering that we're losing alot of our honey bees, I think I'll try to mildly discourage them (in natural ways), and just replace the badly damaged pieces of wood eventually. They don't make holes straight through into your house, but turn at a 90 degree angle, once they are 1/4" into the wood, and make their chambers.
One reason I don't want to make it impossible for them to continue to drill holes in the back porch area, is that I know they will go elsewhere on the house, where it would be much harder to get to to replace the wood.
The males don't have stingers, only the females do.......but it's hard to tell them apart.
Good luck, but try to balance things in your mind, as to your approach. I think they do alot of good, and so I'm going to tolerate them for the most part. But I do have a discussion with them everytime I have to deal with them, and ask them to please use a tree or old fencepost instead. :)

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