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ksilliman32April 7, 2013

I live on nine acres of land most of which is wooded area. At the back of my property line there are beehives from a neighbor who raises them for honey. I am already planning on planting high pollen flowers along the back of my property line and was wondering if the orange oil will work to keep them away from my house. I wass also wondering if there are any plants I can put in my yard that will keep them away. I want to make sure that nothing I do will harm them in anyway or give my neighbors any less honey production.

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

Not sure what orange oil you're talking about?
It seems your neighbors bees are giving you problems....did you just move there?
Usually honey bees don't care much about your odd flowers around the house, ...they like to work the HUGE fields, trees and shrubs.
They might be attracted more to a water source,.. any shallow water they like as a water source but are not interested in humans, so I wouldn't be worried too much,..unless your'e allergic to stings.

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Typically, honey bees exit their hive and follow the directions that their fellow workers have given them to a nectar, pollen or water sources. They tend to focus on the earliest blooming plants until the bloom period is over; then they find another blooming plant. Directions from bee to bee are passed along to others by using direction, distance and obstacles. Bees fly in a more-or-less straight line to their destination and change altitude as necessary to avoid obstacles. To mitigate any annoyance that the bees may cause, there are a couple of methods that usualy work. Create a barrier to protect the area that you do not want the bees to enter (shrubs, fence, etc.), which will cause the bees to fly higher and therefore over your head. Ensure their is a water source near their hive so that they do not seek water on your property. If your pollen producing plants are on your back property line, they should not encroach other parts of your property.

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