Will I EVER get bananas? This was sold to me as a cavendish...

mersiepoo(6)September 20, 2008

I had the mama plant for 2 years, and then I divided the pups from her this summer, and killed her for some reason. I swear, it was accidental!

So, the new plants came up from the mother's dead banana body, and the pups I had cut off lived too. Not sure if cavendish have red in the leaf area or not?

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stevexyz(Dallas, TX 8)

It depends the super dwarf cadvesh will have red blotches in the leaves if it is in full sun. But dwarf cadvesh and cadvesh should only be solid green.

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To address your first statement you cut too much of the corm off your mama plant that's why she died When you remove a pup you should make an angled cut with your shovel
I have never lost 1 plant and have probaly removed 20 pups you just need just a little bit of the corm and roots for your pups to make it. The answer to your question Does cavendish leaves have red in the leaf area ? None of mine do. Will you ever get bananas ? It usually takes abot 17-18
good months to get good sized bananas I usually dig mine up and pot them through the winter but that's just me. Good luck !

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Thanks for your replies! Yeah, it's weird, but yeah when they are in full sun the leaves have red blotches on the leaves. I don't think that I would get them when they were in the house and only receiving a few hours of sun.

I wonder if I got sold some weird banana plant that isn't a musa cavendish. I just re did my puter so I haven't loaded my digital camera software yet, but when I get off my butt to do it I'll post a picture.

Hmm, very tempting to plant my nanners in the ground...see how well they do here for the summer at least! I wonder if the deer will eat them though! They chomp on almost everything.

Thank you for your help! Now I've got a nice project to do next year..wonder how big they will get, even though it's supposed to be a dwarf cavendish... ;P

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gardenguy_(z6b PA)

Some bananas take up to 20 months of growing time before fruiting. Once the fruit has formed, it takes almost 6 months before the bananas are ripe. I've gotten bananas from my dwarf orinco here in Pa. The orinocos have a short growing time before it flowers. The shortest I've seen yet. The only problem with me is that my orinoco decided to flower at the end of August. There was no way I could have ripened the bananas to eat, which would have taken almost till February, in which case I can't let a banana bunch sit off the plant to ripen.

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Hi Gardenguy!
Do you have your banana in a pot, or is it in a greenhouse? I figured I'd have an okay chance if it's potted?

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Gardenguy gives good advice. It takes a long growing period to get them to bloom and then another several months for the fruit to ripen. You can help this situation if you have a greenhouse. I've had basjoo bloom after overwintering in the greenhouse.

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gardenguy_(z6b PA)

mersipoo, my dwarf orinocos were in the ground outside when they bloomed. I unfortunately do not have a greenhouse..........yet.

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