Building a Top Bar Hive

exmarApril 11, 2014

Hi folks,

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I have one traditional Langstroth hive. The guy who has been taking care of it for me is getting on in years and I'm going to take it over. Have been researching the Top Bar hives and am in the process of building one. Not particuarly interested in selling honey, just would like to do everything I can to help the bees.

Looking for lessons learned or recomendations on the top bars themselves. From online research, there are various configurations to choose from. Simple saw kerf with beeswax, "half round," molding, triangle, square, saw kerf with heavy cord immersed in wax, popsicle sticks glued in kerf, etc. Beekeepers are creative! :-) Thinking about a combination of the above and seeing which the bees prefer. Easy enough to rework the unpopular ones.

The design I'm using is "essentially" the one advocated in the "Barefoot Beekeeper" book and online info. Essentially as in I'm using miscellaneous wood I had in the barn.

So, what top bar design works for you?

Thanks for your time,


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Don't know how cold it gets for how long in your area, but a top hive is hard to keep bees alive in the northern U.S. because it's small and the amount of food the bees need to make it through the winter may not be sufficient. Bee sure to read more beefore proceeding.

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