Single stalk bamboo, is there such a creature?

pyratejim(6b)September 12, 2006

Is there such a thing as a single or even a few stalk bamboo? Living in a suburb and able to do a 2' deep, plastic root barrier, I would like to plant something on my front lawn, that will get to about 18+' in heigth and something that can be contained in about a 5' diameter area with the buried plastic.

I'm in zone 6b in s/e Michigan. I've researched and posted and called various nursery's, yet I still have this overwhelmed feeling.

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No such things as a single stalk bamboo (think in terms of grass). can keep them in your 5' contained area and cut down all but a couple prized stalks. Just a thougtht.

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Each culm grows to it's mature size in usually 90 days or less, and live up to nine years each. I would let three culms in each pot, and every year or so, let one new culm reach maturity and cut down one of the older less attractive culms.


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mike_marietta_sc_z8a(z8a upstate SC)

You can grow a running bamboo culm as a "living stick". To do this, transplant the size of bamboo culm that you want in your landscaping. Then after it has had 6 months to get established, make two careful cuts with the shovel to sever the rhizome from the base of the culm (or if you know what to look for, at the time of tranplant you can carefully dig into the root ball of the transplant and sever the culm neck from the rhizome or remove all viable buds from the segment of rhizome in the rootball). From this point on this culm will be unable to produce new rhizome or shoots and will survive for the 8 to 15 years that a bamboo culm normally survives. At the end of this time you will need to replace it with another "living stick" transplant. It takes a bit of work, but this is one way to grow a totally non-invasive bamboo.

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

I visited a Canadian wholesale nurseryman once who had imported black bamboo from Japan(!), gotten burned double by not only being sent single node divisions like those described above--but with the culms cut off just above the rhizome as well.

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