Banana tree cutting?

Desirai(7B)September 25, 2013

Tell me about banana trees. At my new apartment complex, they have banana trees in the landscaping. However they don't seem to be fruiting. Not sure what the conditions have to be for a banana plant to fruit. I haven't lived here during winter yet, so I'm not sure what happens to them during our winter. It is zone 8A. (Also if it means anything, the past 3 years our winters have been "9A winters" according to some of my gardening buddies who know a lot more than I do)

Anyway ...... is there mayhaps a possibility I could somehow get a cutting off the plant and root it? how would I go about doing this?

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First you better ask permission before you take a pup, some people get real angry if you mess with there plants.Some bananas can take many years before they will fruit & some never fruit.

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grabmebymyhandle(6 Kentucky)

Most banana take atleast a year or 2 to bloom, then they die!
Some take years, some have never been seen, but they all bloom, 99% make fruit after, but it's often inedible!

What you need is a pup!
Naners grow from a corm, it'll be down several inches in the soil, the pups come from there, and emerge near the base of the plant, some grow runners several feet away!
Your pup needs to have corm attached to it!
I'd ask the landlords about it, if it's their plants they probably won't mind sharing!

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Hey all!!! I was collecting banana leaves off of the trees to feed to my caterpillar I found which according to the internet loves banana leaves.

I tugged on a small leaf and POP! Out came a healthy banana pup!!! It has 3 banana leaves and a root looking thing with some long scraggly roots attached to it.

So now that I have a banana pup ..... how do I care for it properly? :)

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rednofl(9b Goldenrod Fl hz 10)

Put it in a pot with some well draining soil or compost preferably, find a warm sunny spot and keep it moist but not wet. Keep it there till it puts out a new leaf or 2 ,,, at that point it is ready for full sun in ground or in a pot.

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