Keeping Dog safe from bee Stings

awayinthegardenApril 17, 2011

I am new to beekeeping and am concerned about my sweet old black lab getting stung by my honey bees. There is a fence (and raspberry bushes) that will keep her 8- 10 feet away. Should I add more space than that? There are also large shrubs all around. Are there times of day or evening I should avoid having her outside? Would love to here from people with dogs and hives, especially city lots. Many Thanks!

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I have had dogs and hives for quite a while. The hive is right at the edge of my yard with a small chicken wire 2ft around it so they don't stick their noses too close. Never had a problem. Unless your Lab had a major allergy problem I wouldn't worry about it.

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This is my third day keeping bees, so take a grain of salt. My 14 year old Golden promptly went over and lapped the sugar syrup off the box my bees arrived in. She got stung at least twice in the mouth, but appeared totally unfazed by it, barely reacted except to immediately leave the bee area---no swelling, no yelping---really nothing---but it reminded me that I might want to keep some benedryl on hand for her. I am fully prepared---knowing my dog and how she likes to go to the expensive, emergency vet on weekends, in the middle of the night---to be wakened up at 2am by a distressed, puffy dog, but so far nothing.

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