Attracting bees...N. California

onafixedincome(z8-9 CA)April 18, 2005

I truly don't mind bees in my flowers--got plenty of flowers but seem to have everything BUT honeybees visiting.

Which types of flowers (and no, I hate borage sorry LOL) are the best bee-bait? Someone said alyssum was a good start?



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SteveInNC(Zone 6-1/2)

Depends on what kind of bee you want.

Bumblebees have different appetites from honeybees. A quickie for bumblebees is cosmos, annual. They also love sunflowers.

Honeybees, hmmm. They are so picky sometimes. Garden vegetables like squash, tomatos, melons; or yard stuff like clover - they love clover. They also like flowering bushes which is nice around the house - spirea...

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ccrb1(z5 IND)

Actually, those of us who keep honey bees have them all over our gardens. The problem is not the flowers you're planting, it's the fact that there's no honey bees to attract.

solution: get a garden hive, learn how to be a beekeeper.

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