Robert Young Sept Shooting

iain42September 16, 2012

I noticed last week that my Robert Young was shooting and today I noticed even more shoots. These don't appear to be just whip shoots. Does Robert Young shoot twice a year?

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Mine put up shoots a couple of weeks ago. Every time we got rain after a dry spell, several of my runners put up shoots.

It's not unusual for this area for runners to shoot all Summer long although the shoots are usually smaller toward the seasons end, but some people insist theirs only shoot once a year.


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Yeah we have had a hell of a drought. I have kept them watered but it isn't the same as rainfall. Lately we have had many storms. I'm glad to see any new growth.

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I noticed that only my young bamboos put up new shoots, my older stands (p. nigra henon and I think yellow groove) didn't put new shoots up. We had a very dry spring and some of the new shoots withered and aborted, but no new ones shot up. All my newbies (from 2011) had new shoots, p. vivax, p. angusta, even my transplants of yellow groove from last year.

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This morning I noticed two new shoots on my Robert Young, but the new shoots are only about one inch in diameter.


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